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If you love junk?

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You will love this! I saw this a few years back for allot less money. Now it's back on. It's pretty cool though. It would be fun to check out all this stuff in person. It would be a full time job just to figure out what you have? I hope you have a minute.
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That my friends is pure Americana. A gold mine yes..Thats the richest junkyard in the countrty .:thumbsup:
if only I had won that mega ball lottery.
That would be a dream job ,, to get to go thru all them parts and see what all is there, Frank
I'm in for 200K. Anybody else?
I wouldnt want the land in the deal, Im pretty sure it would be declared a 'hazardous site' by the EPA with oil, antifreeze and other fluids down in the soils over the years. Id consider the parts for a price and lease back the land as he mentions for $1 a year until you can clear out all the stuff, then walk away. He gets the land and headaches of it. :) would be fun to graze thru all that stuff tho.
please keep this link away from dreamweaver..:)
Well I would need to win the lotto and figure out how to grow younger to have enough time to sort through the collection and resell it to the person who needs it. I will wager the pile of cast iron exhaust manifolds will go as scrap buy anyone buying this at the 1.5 mil price.

Larger Dave
Id be like a woman at a shoe sale...nutz
Boy...I can't imagine the value of all that stuff. It will probally cost that much for the EPA cleanup when all is said and done. I had an uncle who was an auto mechanic for 60 years and tore many a car apart in his yard. He passed away three months ago and his son and daughters can't sell the house or land without a clean bill of health. Its going to cost more than the value of the property doubt.

Wonder if that will ever sell for close to what they are asking. Have seen it listed so many times.
Thats $*^@ing awsone i would do anything to live there!
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