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I just wanted to Thank Team Camaro for providing the feature called the "Ignore List"..

I'm a member of many different forums, and I find that most people are helpful and polite, but every forum has it's share of opinionated fools who just try to act supperior and blurt out crap without thinking of the atcual question or the audience?

Well I recently found the ignore list feature on TC and it makes me smile whenever I see a post from someone I've blocked.
I find it much more satisfing to hit the ignore button on someone, knowing I will never hear from them again, than to argue with an idiot.

I wish more forums provided this feature.
..but I have a few questions..
  1. Is the ignore list a member's only feature?
  2. Does the other person know I've put them on my ignore list?
  3. If someone is on my ignore list, will they see my posts or threads I start?
  4. Will they be allowed to post on threads I've started?
  5. Will they be allowed to see my member proifile info or PM me?

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I agree it's a nice feature and can certainly lower blood pressure :)

It's available to all registered users.
They do not know they are on your ignore list
They will see your posts unless they put you on their ignore list.
Yes, they can post their little heart out in your topics but you don't see them (unless you want to)
I'm not sure about the PM part. Somehow I don't think they can pm you.


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I don't guess it would be wise to put the moderators on the ignore list. :D
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