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There is only one core support for 67 thru 69 Camaros. While the mounting holes for things that attach to the core support (like voltage regulators, headlight buckets etc) may be different there is still only one support. There are different radiators and fan shrouds for small blocks and big blocks though. The opening in the core support is bigger than the finned area of the smallblock radiator, and just about equal with a big block radiator.

Did you replace the front fenders? If so then your grille problem results from using the RS fenders. These are the only fenders being made and they have a set of mounting ears for the RS headlight setup thats about an inch forward of where the standard grille assembly mounts. Break these tabs off (or bend them out of the way) and you should be able to get the bezels to mount correctly.

Mark Canning
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