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I'm finaly been making Awesome progress on putting on my new springs and
shocks with my rebiult corporate 10 bolt.
Thanks to all the snow and cold; You see I live in colorado by the mountains.
So if anyone wants to know? All Firebirds and Camaros have the same leafsprings from "72" until "81".
I took my springs off with the gas tank on and I just unbolted the spring hangers and dropped her down. I just need new brake cables, calipers and U joints...
I got her painted in every corner underside and am awaiting a 25 year emission test for my custom plates!!
The engine is allready done and tuned-up.
So Ive been a garage hound,(or out side hound because the garage has been full), and I have'nt been around on line.
I start auto school soon so right on!
ANDREW- The Firebird man.:beers:
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