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I see TC is dominating the Camaro section so far at Hobby Stage
( )

I have run into problems using Netscape trying to access the pages over there. MSIE seems to work fine.

Cecil Stockton - if you have anything to do with the administration or web design there seems to be a big compatability problem with netscape and the site. I get a black screen, after a long time part of the page displays. At that time any other Netscape windows are hosed if given time everything seems to release but the graphics are stripped from any other page visited after accessing

Anyway the site looks to be a good thing but the folks running it as well as those using it might want to know about the problem I encountered with ver 4.5 & 4.7.

Here is a site that lets you test the code and reports any errors...

"The '69, the '96 & the club"
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