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Though I would list this info for other guys that were looking for the answers that I was a week ago. I have 67 Camaro Conv and am converting it from a column shift with no tach to a console shift with gauge cluster.

I was struggling with keeping to original gauage and shelling out $450 for an original dash tach or just upgrading all my gauges for a total of $300.

For my purpose and desire to be able to better monitor the 402 BB that I just installd I chose to change out all the gauges for aftermarket Autometer Phantom gauges.

I just installed a 5" Autometer Phantom Spedo, Tach, and 2 1/16" Autometer Phantom Oil, fuel and water tamp gauges for the console. I chose to go with Electrical gauges rather than mechanical.

For future ref. of other guys looking to do the same conversion the part numbers are:

5" Tach #5898 $112
5" Spedo #5895 $93
2 1/16" Electric Fuel #5714 $27
2 1/16" Electric Oil #5727 $44
2 1/16" Electric Water #5737 $29

I have the original gauges and they work but they do not really tell you anything. For the $450 that an original 5.5K Dash tach would cost I felt the money would be better spent on matching gauges across the board that give me accurate reading on my engine performance. The white face gauges look good, but not as good as an original spedo, tach, gauge cluster appearance.

If I were doing a straight number matching show type resto I would have chosen to keep the original gauges installed and found an original dash tach, but for my usage and resto purposes I felt the Autometer gauges the better choice.

Sorry to go on so much, but I thought this info might help the next guy.

- John

67' Convertible Camaro -"SS Clone Car"
402BB, TH400, 12 Bolt Posi w/ 3:73's
[email protected]
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