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Installing headrest parts in new seats?

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Got a problem here that I need some help with.
I finished rebuilding one of the '69 front buckets. Not too tough.... finding all the holes for everything that bolts to the frame under the upholstery was the worst part. Hunt & poke, hunt & poke... the back covers are the last thing to get installed.

Now that the new bun and upholstery is on the back rest portion, I need to cut slots in the top of them to slide the plastic sheath down into the frame for the headrest shafts.
I can poke something up through the inside of the frame and figure out the general area where I need to cut the upholstery, but now I'm SCARED! :eek:

There should be a couple screw holes in the top of the frame I would imagine. I have another seat that I can dissect if need be.

Any advice before I go hacking at the new vinyl? I need to be as precise as possible so that the plastic insert lays properly. I have the feeling that the plastic insert was supposed to go in before the upholstery. :rolleyes: Not too much of a problem. I can still get it under the vinyl through the slot that I cut.

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Joe, you should have the metal plate that you screw on first, right? find the big hole, make an X, then use the X hole to find the screw holes.
You mean the locking mechanism deal for the headrest that the bezel attaches to? Yes. It goes on the outside of the seat cover, but on top of the plastic internal part.
I'm going to dissect the other bucket I have. I screwed up royal by not putting the plastic sheath in the frame first. :rolleyes:
I just hope the whole assembly sits on top of the vinyl right. What a pain! Good thing winters are long up here.
Oh boy! :eek: The white plastic part goes under the vinyl :( and is taped to the metal. metal spring clippy goes on top of vinyl and into frame, chrome cover screws to metal plate. Sounds like you have to take the vinyl apart a little.
HUMONGOUS boo-boo.

I kinda figured I screwed up by not having the plastic deal in the frame first. I'll figure out how to get around that because I AIN'T takin' the seat cover off!

I hang my head in absolute shame and disgust. Do me a favor and don't tell anyone! It'll be our little secret, OK?

I'm gonna stick to Legos and Lincoln Logs. I hope I remember to put the pistons back in this engine before I bolt the caps on. :rolleyes:
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