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Ok so I have a project car that I got a little wild on.

I removed the computer and got most of my wires figured out

except for 2

1 fuel gage
2 Voltage gage

so theres a red wire coming off the back of the cluster with 12v which is the alternater indicator input. So with a single wire alternator where does this wire goto. and what make the gage work ( which wire )

If I ground it, displays under 10 volts.

and the fuel gage I know is purple wire but does the fuel pump relay have to plugged in to make it work??

My Basic question is how to I get the Voltage gage to work off a single wire alternator using stock gages in the dash.

This is driving me and my son crazy. I want to fire this motor up and break it in but until I get this wiring issue figured out with volt gage I don't want to try it.

Thanks any help will be appreciated
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