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Well, I finally got my 69 Camaro back out of the shop for sheet metal work. So now it's time to make some engine changes. I have done search after search on the forums to get an answer, but sometimes it just gets confusing.

Here is my current setup:

350 4 bolt main
Flat top pistons (with the 4 eyebrows)
Cast iron intake (4 barrel)
882 heads (1.94 valves)
Holley carb (not sure what it is but it needs help)
RV cam (not sure on what the specs are, but no lumpty lump sound)
Flowtech Ceramic Headers
MSD ignition
3.50 posi (yes it's a Ford 9 but it came with the car when I bought it)
Power brakes
Turbo 350 trans
Stock converter
Will be putting in Vintage Air later this year

The Holley is tired and needs replacing. I'm not ready to swap out the heads and cam (money), and am looking at what will work best for my car. It will be a driver, probably never seeing the drag strip.

What I hope to do later this summer is to replace the heads with cast iron ones and another cam.

What I'm looking for when I change the top end is to have everything working together, taking advantage of each components strength. I would like to have a cam that will produce the lumpty lump sound, but still provide enough vacuum to keep the power brakes/etc going. I know that a lot of you recommend the Comp Cams and Lunati 268 cams. I won't be changing the stock converter until I swap out the trans and put in a 700r4 (next year). Also, I still want to run on pump gas.

My immediate need is for an intake and carb. Most of the posts that I have read recommend either the Edelbrock Performer or Edelbrock Performer RPM. Also, there is a Holley 600, 650, and quadrajet recommendation.

Now with all of this being said, what would you recommend for the carb and intake now, keeping in mind where I'm going with this? Will the performer versus the performer rpm make a difference when it is at idle? This is also my first post, so take it easy on me.

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