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My friend has an 81 monte carlo with a 305 and his intake and carb are screwed up. I offered him the old intake and carb from my camaro which has a 350.

The 350 intake should fit on the 305 right?

Is there anything special I would have to do?

We're just trying to get his car running right now. He had a 2 barrel carb on the monte and I figured the 4 barrel I had would help at least a little bit. Thanks for your help.

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WARNING: I believe that the 81 Monte has the computer controlled advance distributer in it and people often think they have carb problems when they "get rid of that smog crap", and they are really not getting their advance that they need. Is this your problem ? One solution is to change to a vacuum advance distributer. I just had a feeling, so I gave my 2 cents.

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I was told the choke was all screwed up and would not move and someone broke a peice off of it, I haven't looked at it but the car is still stock from what I know. Thanks for the warning though.

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