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I floated out a question as to installing a 509 with raised exhaust ports in a 69'Camaro on the chevy talk forum and got a response but can't quite understand what he means.

"The raised exhaust port heads in the 509 in a 69 camaro can be made to work fairly easily if you do your homework and select parts carefully. Lemmon headers offers a set of headers for exactly this application. I know this because we built a 509 for a 69 camaro. They suggest using bbc motor mounts on sbc motor mount stands (most aftermarket headers for raised ports actually are based on this scheme.) You should also use the small diameter brake booster and a mini starter (at least we did with the Lemmon headers). The raised exhaust ports flow much better and allow you to use a single pattern cam for more torque. We used the Canfield heads heads ported by Paul Knippen in Sugar Grove, Il. with a single pattern street roller from comp cams (solid) special grind ([email protected] and .680 lift). The car is a 4 speed with 4.10's. This combo is very streetable and the motor screams. (can you say 7k?). Very fun to drive. Lemmon headers # is 805 239-8998.
P.s.- Victor Jr made more torque and HP across the board than any other manifold we tested on this combo (including dual planes and dual quads). Dual quads were better than the dual plane.

The part I can't understand is this

"They suggest using bbc motor mounts on sbc motor mount stands (most aftermarket headers for raised ports are based on this scheme)"

My understanding is bb motor mount on engine and sbc motor mount on chassis. Is this correct? Will this work?

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Hi lost, that's what they're saying. The motor mount towers that bolt on the frame are different between small & BB motors.
Sounds like they are suggesting using the small blocks, which would raise the motor slightly, and I believe, and hope I'm not wrong here, offset a tiny bit from BB towers. Sounds like they've found this combo to work with the configuration of the exhaust on this motor, which I know nothing about personally.

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