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Hi guyz,
My name is Mike. I have a 1994 Chevy Silverado. I recently blew the rear main. This engine originates from autozone's shelf (autozone create engine). Anyway I am about to repair the Rear Main Seal. While I do this I would also like to beef the engine at what ever means possible on a resonable blue collar budget. It has a TBI 350 with the 4L60E Trans. Which I installed a Stage 2 B&M Shift Improver. What I am getting at is that it will rip second gear rubber with the best of them. but thats it, kinda like a bottle rocket that shoots but now *Pop*. My dalima is that I am ends whether to keep the existing Throttle Body Injection (TBI) Or convert to a Tuned Port Injection (TPI). From research I believe that my factory TBI flow about 480 CFM. Not much if you ask me. I want to know is there that much of a HP and Torgue gain in just the injection swap? Or would I be better of with just concentrating on the engine and upgrade the cam. And maybe some Vortec Heads? I dunno. I have tried to research this on the net. No luck on my specific scenario.

My Questions in whole.
1. Should I keep the factory throttle body? or should I look around and find a TPI from a camaro or something and Convert? (Hopeing to be able to just find a PROM Chip and use same ECM and Maybe some Wiring harness atatchments to attach the new injectors. No luck on finding this yet. I did see on this board that I could call Street and Performance that they have a fix for this convertion.

2. Should I Just upgrade the Cam and Maybe the HEads? Or are the factory heads on this truck usable?

3. Forget the Injection and go carb? I would like to put a cam in it with somewhat of a rough Idle is this possible on a comp engine?

Again thanx for your help. This is an awsome place for information.

P.S. I am Wanting to get into about the mid to high 300hp... 330 would be good. Dont want to Stroke it...

Here is the Cam I was looking at.... Is this much over stock? Would I get much of a hp gain? I know how to do all the work just dont know the combinations for efi...
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