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View attachment 298535 View attachment 298536 Hey is there a way to tell what brand the axles are or narrow it down to stock or aftermarket just with this pic? pics a 68 12 bolt wilwood conversion black calipers
Ok. All the lug nuts where frozen. Well one actually still is :) I thought I would just bang out these old studs and slap in some new proper length ones. But of course theres no room behind the axle hub to back them out all the way. On top of that I tried a sledgehammer on the snapped off stud and it wont budge.
So looks like I'll need to pull the axles and have them pressed out. I know this moser rear end is from summit theres a good chance the axles are summit house brand or similar.

I would cut them flush to the flange with a wiz wheel, spray the mounting area with PB Blaster or equivalent, and drive them out with a BFH and punch.
standard axle pic uploaded


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