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Is this a problem?

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I've been replacing my valve seals on my 302 and I had to loosen the 2nd from back intake bolt (passenger side) to get the wire harness tower out of the way to remove the valve covers. I've notice when I pressured a few of the cylinders to hold the valves in place that I had antifreeze leakage coming from there. It only seems to happen when I pressurize the cylinders. What would be causing this and is it something to worry about.
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It's hard to say with that bolt out. Hopefully the intake loosened up enough to allow a little coolant past the intake gasket and it got into the intake passage. Hopefully, tightening the bolt again will make it stop. Just don't put the gorilla grip on it trying to make it stop.

When you pressurize the cylinder, it's not uncommon for the valves to leak a little. So I hope what you're seeing is a little leakage causing the issue. But then again, I'd only expect you to see it when pressurizing the cylinder ajacent to the loose bolt. If not, then perhaps you have a head gasket problem.

When the engine is back together and running again, there is a simple test most auto shops can do. It involves sucking the air from the cooling system and bubbling it through an indicator liquid. If there are combustion byproducts in the cooling system, the liquid will change color and indicate a bad head gasket.

If you remove the radiator cap and pressurize the cylinders does the leak stop?
Thanks Dave, I saw more leakage when I pressurized #7 cylinder. Had a little bit with some of the others. Not sure if it was 6 or 8. That is the only screw loose. Didn't try removing the radiator cap. Also all rocker on both sides were off.
Don't see any reason for cly pressure to release into coolant area, There is a communication somewhere. Imagine what combustion pressure is doing? I would retorque heads and see if it stops but I still would be leary.
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