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hello all, i am new. i just got my first camaro v6:sad: auto:pout:. first decent vehicle i've had. i traded my p.o.s. 91 ford explorer for it straight across so im pretty stoked. its beautifull but the driver side has a bit of damage. just this morning i realized this could very well be theft damage. and also my security light comes on solid at ALL times when driving. but it only drive two days before a stuck open fuel inj flooded out cyl 5 and hydrolocked it. so now im looking at payin 3600 to have a used engine put in at a shop here in town. my question is is this worth it? im not trying to race this thing or expect it to be fast by any means. im into drifting and draggin but i realize this isnt a power house i just want it to be my daily for years to come. pics

1995 camaro 3.4L v6 auto trans

heres the good side

main damage:

door opens and closes perfectly no issues at all. locks in place tight and snug.

inside of driver door (car did not come with door panel. my key does not work for this lock only passenger and trunk.)

from a big crow bar ??

secondary damage (from a chase?)
this entire section is taped on and a good portion of bumper is missing right there.

and the fender was clearly replaced. just a much different material. and the door is jacked on the front.

other than all of this the rest of the car is pretty much prime. great black leather all power interior t-top clean on the passenger side good 1000W system and 18 black w/ machine lip rims. oh and i got all paperwork title and registration everything matched up numbers and such. no salvage or anything. carfax wants 40 to run it. i would like to find the story behind this damage. the guy didnt tell me much i think he was tryin to be in and out for some reason but so was i cause i wanted this car. thanks for lookin. any info or advice is much appreciated.
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