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Im starting new post, now that i own this motor.

Chevy 383 all forged 500+ hp stroker motor
Late model 1 piece rear main block bored +.030
Align Honed, Decked to -.005”
Eagle forged steel crank turned -.010 due to factory taper on journals
Eagle 6.0” H-Beam rods, SRP forged flat top pistons
Rotating assembly re-balanced to w/in ½ gram after turning
Edelbrock Victor JR. heads angle ground to 67cc for 10.49:1 cr. w/.040 Cometic head gaskets. 215cc intake runners, 2.08 intake, 1.6 exhaust, 7/16 rocker studs.
Crower Stainless Steel 1.6 roller rockers, custom length pushrods
All ARP fasteners, Head & Main studs, oilpan studs.
Moroso High Pressure pump w/factory welded p/u & matching GenIII Camaro Pan
Chevy “847” cam (made by Crane)234/242 .539/.558 112 LSA , Crane high rev factory style roller lifters,
All new retainers & “spyder”. Stainless SPF balancer, Double roller chain.

i got the motor for $2500:hurray:

Now ive got to buy intake (needs to fit under standard hood), carb, ignition, etc. Any ideas?
on the ignition, i Know HEI distributors hit firewall....i would like to avoid drilling holes for MSD there another way to go about it?
thx for the responses.


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Man you litterly stole all them good parts for that price.

You say a Roller; Hydraulic or Solid ?

I don't think you will have any hood clearance issues with any Intake or Carb combinations with a 3rd Gen SBC a 1st GEN if that's what you're putting it in.

If your not running a CD Module and running the car on the street, I recommend the Mallory MBI Breakerless Distributor with Vacuum Pod and a Good Hi-Voltage Coil. The distributor has the small cap and works singular with or without a CD Module. If it's a strip only toy then you will only need the mechanical advance model without the Vacuum Canister.
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