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Last night wasn't alot of fun. My first run I melted one of the wires to the remote solennoid on the headers and my engine shut off at the end of the run.
Got that fixed then my next problem was my tranny. After getting a real bad et , don't really know if my decision to let the tranny shift itself or the wiring gave me that bad et. Ok , so I decided to manually shift the trans on my next run since in the past doing it this way gave me a 12.48 even though the shifts would lag a bit(that's why I decided to mess with the governonr weights.). Well this time I would shift to 2nd gear and it shift fine, then the 2nd to 3rd and it would take forever to shift (I'd be hitting 7000rpms), then on 3rd the rpms were at 68-7000rpms( with 275/60x15 tires) and I would have to let off . On the way home the tranny would downshift to 3rd (it appears) with any acceleration and would take go into OD at about 4000 rpms. On the road (regular driving) it acts ok up to 3rd gear then it takes until later to go into OD. With the original weighted governor I had a little problem with shifting but nothing like this. Today I adjusted/the governor weights again and it appears my shifts are coming in at 65-6700 rpms at WOT leaving the shifter in D and letting it shift by itself. I had always shifted my automatic trannys manually but this one lags betweens shifts so I will let the governor do the shifting for me. I am hoping it will give me my first 11 sec run n/a. The only other issue was the timing. I mixed 91 octane with c12 and didn't up the timing. On a bye run I had a big backfire thru the carb , went back adjusted timing to 38 from 34 . No more backfires. A pic of my camaro at the track(nothing spectacular about it) .
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