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There are many options available when it comes to these conversions and it can seem confusing at times. You can use a stock TKO and assemble your own conversion components or choose a pre-engineered package that will eliminate the guesswork and make for an easy transition to a smooth shifting 5 speed.

Stock: The Tremec TKO is a great choice right out of the box offering 2 shifter locations on the rear at no extra cost. The downside of this method is that it will not fit the factory offset shifter location. If you're not using a console and converting from automatic, this may not be a concern to you.

Modified: If you plan to use a 4 speed console or are converting a 4 speed car to 5 speed, this will be a much more attractive option. The transmission case is custom machined for these benefits.

• Tunnel cutting is eliminated on manual to manual conversions. If converting from automatic, only the reproduction shifter hump has to be installed.

• The lower extension housing mounting boss is machined away to eliminate crossmember interference.

• Shifter pad is lowered .250" and a billet mechanism is installed for short shifts and proper offset for a perfect fit into the factory shifter location. Shifter detaches easily for installation and re-attaches without any re-sealing.

• Positive spring biasing for enhanced shift performance.

Other hurdles exist such as your driveshaft, crossmember and speedo cable. Choosing a kit will provide all of the necessary components and make your conversion headache free.

Other options are available:

• ShiftAssist™ - Never miss a 2-3 upshift again!

• Fiber lined synchro blocker rings and bronze shift fork pads - For high rpm shifts and increased durability.

Jeff Kauffman


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