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Hi everyone...I was thinking about going to a road course in Northeast Ohio called Neslon Ledges Road Course. I wanted to drive my car on a road course to see how the new suspension works plus to see what mods would need to be done to make it handle better. Going by the website there are plenty of dates to choose from and the cost is $120 per driver for the day. It runs from 10a-4p and you have all day to drive.

The course is about an hour east of Cleveland, Ohio so anyone in northeast Ohio and Western Pennslyvania (or anyone who wants to make the drive) are in a reasonalbe driving distance. I would like to get a few camaros (or other chevy's as well) to the course on the same day so I'm not over run by a bunch of young punks driving jap scrap with the big tail pipes that sound like can openers. :sad:

If enough of you are interested we can get in touch with each other and set a date to go out and test our rides, cruise around the track, share trade secrets, etc. :beers: Let me know what you think.

Here is the link:
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