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Hello everyone. First post here. Been a long time reader and follower of all the info here.

Hoping for some expert input on this. I'm going to be relocating the shocks inboard of the leaf springs under my 67 Camaro. I'll be using the Competition Engineering shock relocation crossmember #3019.

I'll be using the ears on my traction bars for the lower shock mounts as they have ears for the normal 67 shock location as well as fore and aft of the axle inboard of the springs. My question is can anyone recommend a good shock that I can get my hands on that has eyelet mounts on both ends and will be the correct length and work well. My car is lowered 1" in the rear with multi-leafs. I was able to cross reference a rear shock from a 96 Nissan hardbody truck, but I'm unsure on whether or not they would be the correct length and handle properly.

I'm relocating the shocks from in between the wheel and the leaf springs in order to fit my new 18x9.5 US Mags under there with a 275/35 tire, in case anyone is curious. That should fit, right? Maybe need to roll the fender lips a little?

Thanks in advance!!
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