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I've been trolling this site, looking for a comprehensive guide as to "This is the best way to mount your ECU and Fuse Box" for LS motors, but have come to the realization that there are a lot of ways to skin this cat and most are clean, organized and successful. What I didn't find was a thread that showed start to finish, what anyone did. There are many postings buried in 15 page build threads, but that makes them hard to find. This post is to show you what I did. Not perfect, room for improvement, but my take on what others have done.

I mounted my ECU on the front portion of the passenger side inner fender using round standoffs threaded for 1/4-20 threads. This leaves enough room under the ECU for routing the wiring harness for the fuse box and potentially the smaller of the AC lines. It isn't possible to mount the fender with the ECU installed, but while it takes patience, mounting the ECU isn't too difficult. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good... I dodged a bullet with the cabling. You have to install the blue cable before you mount the ECU, which then clears the fender by a quarter inch. The other cables can be installed after the ECU is mounted.

Next, I looked for a mounting method for the fuse box, and found a thread where Vega$69 stated he used 3M heavy duty Velcro for mounting this item. I wanted it partially under the fender, but accessible for inspection and not requiring a contortionist to remove the cover. It is also shielded by the core support for the most part. I fabricated a sheet metal stand and mounted it to the battery tray location using three nutserts. I fabricated a top, with three short sides turned down and the lower lip turned up to serve as additional support for the lower edge of the box. I glued the top on using 3M panel adhesive. This could be installed prior to installing the fender, but I wanted the option of installing after the car is assembled. By removing the lid, relays and large fuses, the box can be fed from the rear of the fender and pulled forward using a piece of twine. Once pulled through the fender, the support can be installed, fuse box mounted and reassembled. The harness for the ECU can be installed in the same manner. My plan is to remove the factory loom and clean these up prior to final assembly, so they will be pulled in at the same time.

I am also pulling my AC and heater hoses through the fender. The pictures show a hole at the back of the fuse box mount. This is to route the heater hoses and large AC line through the mount. There is a similar hole at the inner side of this mount that also utilizes the contour of the inner fender to provide room. I plan to protect the edges with a vinyl door edge protector that I found at Autozone. The other AC line will go around the front of the core support.

My take on this. If anyone else has solutions they want to share, please add. I'm not much of a fabricator. This isn't elegant, but it should work for me.


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