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Lubricant For Eaton TrueTrac

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Hi guys,

First time poster here. I've been researching the forums for information on the Eaton TrueTrac differential and can't seem to find much info on what you guys suggest for a differential lube. I've consulted the owner's manual and Eaton's website and can't seem to find any suggested brands or makes and models. The only thing they suggest is "High quality mineral gear lubes" and "a GL5 rated lube with the least amount of friction modifier". I know many of you run this differential and I was wondering if I could your input on what would be a good oil for this differential? My father and I are about to attempt our first axle build within the next week or so and want to get everything right the first time. Any info you can provide will be much appreciated.

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Amalie hypoid gl-5
Oh and welcome aboard :)
I have the eaton true trac also
Still have to put mine together
Thanks for the reply. I will have to look into that one. I just received my Truetrac and bearing set from Quick Performance in the mail today. My axles from Moser should be here by the end of the week. Hopefully we will be able to start putting the axle together sometime this weekend.
When i got my moser rear they sent me the amalie hypoid gl-5

Wow it just dawned on me that I misspelled lubricant in the title.... Hopefully I can get a Mod to change that for me.
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