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I purchased a full set of wiring harnesses (dash, console, engine, front lighting and rear lighting) from M&H about six months ago for my '68 Camaro.

I have already installed the dash harness and the rear light harness and have been very impressed with the qaulity. Everything fits, all the connectors are correct, all the clips are taped in in the correct locations, in short a factory-like job.

Yesterday, when I was doing the engine and front end wiring, I discovered that I ordered the wrong engine harness and that the front light harness was set up (correctly) for an alternator on the driver's side while my alternator is on the passenger side.

I called M&H, who immediately agreed to swap out the engine harness for the correct one (one with a tach signal lead) and to move the alternator lead to the passenger side. Because I live in SoCal, I dropped the two harnesses off. As I was making arrangements to pick them up later this week, M&H offered to send them to me to save me the trip.

Not only was this great customer service, but there was no charge for anything, including the modification to the correct front lighting harness and shipping.

Because we often hear about bad expereinces with vendors, I wanted to tell everyone about a great expereince.
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