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Magazine artice on Stielow's latest effort

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In the relatively recent past I saw an article in some magazine on Mark Stielow's latest first gen Camaro project. This article had a picture of how he made upper spring/shock mount for his four link suspension. Sadly I can't find the magazine again and want a copy of the picture of the mount. I want to move my shocks to the inside of the leaf springs and figure a blatant rip-off of his idea is in order.

Anybody have any idea what magazine I am thinking of ? Better yet, does someone have the magazine and can scan the picture and send it to me?

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It was Popular Hot Rodding. The issue on the news stand now covers the front end. So "last months" issue would be the one you need-probably July 2003 the way they put those magazines out. Never could figure that out.

Also, check they haven't updated Steilow's project in a while but there are some good pictured there.

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Popular Hot Rodding, Nov. 2001. Sorry, no scanner!


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