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88 Camaro IROC Z28 5.7 Mass Air flow Sensor has been replaced a number of times over the life of the car. Current mileage is 130K runs very well, several years ago it would not pass the state emissions inspection, as it needed a MAFS, I was told that the “burn off relay” cased the problem and made the MAFS go bad. The MAFS was around $300.00 and the relay was around $30.00. This is the 3rd or 4th MAFS the car has had. Does anyone know why this would happen and how it can be prevented in the future? Or is this normal?



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Are you using a 'K&N' or 'oiled' type air filter ???

The 5.0 and 5.7 use a 'Bosch' type Hot-wire MAF.
The signal output can be read directly off the Brown wire (B-6) at the ECM. The Voltage (VDC) should be in the 2.5 range at idle. It should increase with throttle opening (engine running of course).
The biggest cause of failure is poor incoming power signal or bad ground.
Check the wiring coming into MAF for 12vdc+ at the Orange/Black wire and true good Ground reading at the Black wire at the connector.
This system uses two (2) Relays - one is for the power to the MAF, the other is that 'Burn-off' Relay you refered to. Check both relays for function and replace if contacts are worn/burnt/defective. It could be they replaced the "wrong" relay ...

Be sure the air filter element fits the housing correctly and is not letting dirt and other 'stuff' get by into the sensor.
Be very carefull spraying any "cleaners" into or around the intake to sensor with the engine running.

Hope some of this helps;
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