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trying to find the right wheel can be a pain (period correct and nothing chrome, for our taste) . We love the triangular spoke over the rounded spoke. And to make matters worse we are on a budget (sub $150 per wheel) and love the staggered look (8's front & 9+'s rear). I think I have narrowed it down to 3 wheels. Two which look like they may be a problem.

~Mb Wheels Old School Gunmetal 17x8 ~4.5 backspace & 17x9.5 ~5.5 backspace =supposedly perfect fit but the 17x9.5 are out of stock everywhere and these are our #1 choice (doh)

~Ridler 675 Silver (btw we cannot find the manufacturer on the web) 17x8~4.5 backspace and out of stock per JEGS calling their vendor. and 17x9.5~with (negative)-5.75 backspace which should tuck the wheel inside the wheel well a bit more than the Mb Old School. also, we like the way the spoke starts at the hub and ends on a raised lip like the original 14'' torq thrust that came on my car when purchased.(the Mb Oldschool runs from the wheel hub to the rim without an extra "lip". But we are not crazy about the silver color, we'd rather see the gunmetal color as on the Mb Old School wheel

~American Racing VNT70R Silver 17x8~4.5 backspace & 17x9 with 5'' backspace. Discount tire is checking this coming Monday if the warehouse stocks them. And once again we'd rather have this wheel in gunmetal instead of silver. (powdercoat maybe?)

We think we'll run 235/45 front and 275/40 rear since this is what seems most common.
our suspension setup is SPC upper and lower control arms with Hotchkis springs & Hotchkis Leafs. Hotchkis front and rear bars. Wilwood dynalite 6piston 12'' rotor front and Wilwood 4piston 12''rotor rear.
Any input with a known source stocking any of the wheels is greatly appreciated.
And any input with rubbing issues is also greatly appreciated.



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