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My description above is not right, sorry. The melted wires are at a connector which is in the near (above) of the emergency brake with its own sheet metal bracket. It is a brown and a brown/white wire (?), which go to the same connector pin. I think that the other ends of these wires go to the connector of the ignition lock switch at the steering column, because the melted wires go into a bundle of wires up to the instrument panel and then down again to the ignition switch and the connector at the steering column.
I saw on the wiring diagram that there is a connector pin with a brown AND a brown/white wire at the ignition lock switch (and I saw them) and I think that these are the same wires at the connector in the near of the emergency brake, but first I can't recognize the wires for the white strip (melted) and second it makes no sense for me to use two wires from one point to another.

Puh, I hope there's is a specialist, I don't want to deinstall the wire bundle.
Perhaps I could send some pics.
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