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Daytona Spring Spectatular this past weekend I had planned to go with My 68 SS but as some of You know I had posted recently about My severe back problems and was considering selling it because I have a hard time driving it because of My back problems. Well I had planned to go to the show which is at the Daytona 500 Speedway as most of You know but last Thursday My back started really killing me and had to stay in bed till Sunday. I think only Car Guys like us know the Mental pain of Missing a Car show especially when Your laying in Bed and friends are calling My cell phone saying we are looking all over for You where are You parked and You can only say I am in bed with a back pain and unable to drive. It was a depressing weekend for Me and after spending four Years building this car in really hurts not to be able to go to an important show like this was. I am only writing this to Team Camaro because I feel You guys are family and probably the only ones who can understand the pain of My situation. I figured it would be at least the last big car show I could attend before I put it up for sale which I still have reservations about selling as I don't need the money but it kills Me to see it sit in the garage and not be able to enjoy driving it. Well thanks for letting Me vent! Edd Gordon
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