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More starter troubles...

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But not on the Camaro.. My 2015 GMC 6.2L decided 5 hours in to a 12 hour trip that it wanted to fry the starter.. and it did a good job of it.
Long story so here goes...
I stopped at a Love's in Jacksonville Illinois for gas and pitstop, when I came out of the store, hit the remote start button and it cranked real slow and didn't start, I immediately mumbled a good "OH ****" .. So then I tried to crank it manually and it turned very slow, like a dead battery. I called a local O'reilly's and they said their delivery service was only for their commercial accounts but, one of the guys was about to go on lunch and offered to drop it off to me. (i tipped him good upon arrival). Installed the new battery and still the same.. called them back and asked if they were sure the battery was full charge and they offered to send the other battery they had on the shelf. Swapped that one out and the truck started but you could smell the starter burning at this point. I followed the delivery guy back to the O'reillys store and took care of the battery exchange stuff, bought a starter and they called a local shop that said they would fit me in to change the starter for me but it would be a few hours, I didn't care, I didn't really have a choice. Sat at the guys shop for 2 hours while he finished up an in tank fuel pump on a mini van. Tried to start it again and smoke poured out of the starter and it was instantly red hot.. smokin. Took 4 men to push the tuck in to the shop but they were able to swap out the starter, fix the melted wire terminals, Yes, they melted, and got me back on the road. Turned a 12 hour drive in to a 17 hour adventure.. LOL

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Sounds like you were lucky to get it in a shop that quick AND it didn't start a fire. Now if you had a fuse or a breaker in the battery cable........ 馃檮
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Amazing how a quick trip can turn into a SAGA.
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