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i had a starting problem because of the 'dead' of the ignition box unit. the MSD ignition box , 6AL unit that wasn't working anymore. As it acts as an amplifier (and also from 1 pic create several pics : multi spark below 3000 rpm) it receive 12 V on input and delivers 470 V on output . the MSD coil than only function with 470V on input. it is built to work with the MSD box.
So we had to buy a new standard coil that do work with simply 12V on input.
Now the engine runs again!

But.... MSD says there IS a fuse inside the box (6AL) and say it is useless to use a fuse in the wiring, so we though that fuse inside the box might be burnt, and we tried to open the box. After some hard tries (everything was done by MSD so that you won't open the box even if you want it! ) we eventually succeeded opening the box and removed the electronic circuit.
Guys, there is NO FUSE inside that box! capacitors, resistances, coils,...and everything is covered with a plastic paper so you can't check anything. but no fuse!

So I do recommend you to install a fuse on your MSD wiring! to avoid burning it like it happened for me!

No i'll drive the car a little (winter is coming) without the MSD unit to see if i can feel any bad changes.
Was it bad luck or are there other people who got reliability problems with their MSD ignition boxes?

Anyway if I buy another similar ignition box, I’ll add a fuse !

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Funny you should mention that, I just added a fuse to mine a few weeks back? my 6al box is 10 years old never had a problem.


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