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To all,

Thanks for the help over the past month
With help in purchasing and repairing my
67 L78 Camaro.

I have been able to track down the second owner's son.
His father passed away 13 years ago. The son was there at the
race track with his dad and knew every little
Modification that was made and why.

His dad bought the car after it was 3 years old
And bone stock and owned it 22 years. Too many racing
Stories to list but it was clear to me that this was
Something he and his father did together to bond.

Even better....the motor was blown in 70 ( replaced with LS7), and the block
Dumped in their shop. The shop is still there and the son believes
The block is still there.

This car has 25k miles, all original sheet metal, interior, rear end and transmission and zero rust!

I also have the contact info to the original owner
And the owner of the dealership that sold the
Car to him. Hopefully I will be able to get more
Info from these contacts soon.

Finally, I am teaching my 15 year old daughter how
To drive a stick. She drove the L78 tonight on
Some back streets perfectly. She is in love with
The car and I really enjoy the fact she likes
Working on the car with me.


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Awesome story about an awesome Camaro! Please post some pics when you get a chance as most on here enjoy looking at anything early Camaro-related. It would be great if you could reunite the original engine with the car...any idea why that engine was side-lined? The best part of the story is about teaching your 15 year-old daughter to drive a stick-shift...a great way to bond with her and pass on your love of Camaros. I have a 14 year-old daughter who will get my '68 RS when she graduates from college.

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Great history. Glad you shared it with us.

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In 1970, the dad was racing at the track
And cracked a cylinder. His son told me
They pulled out the motor and replaced with
The LS7. Dad and son replaced it themselves.

I just hope block is salvageable. The son told me
That the last time his dad raced it, the driveshaft
Split, bounced off the ground and came up thru the
Floor and cut his arm.

The slit in the tunnel is there but looks like
A cut with a they must have pushed
The tunnel back into shape.

I will post some pics soon.
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