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I need encouragement.:mad: I'm in the process of putting OER "OE" type gauges back in the dash and console. I bought a new tach and speedo. I have had them put in a new housing and installed in the dash. The tach reads about 1500 rpm too high at idle for some reason. I'm using a MSD #8360 dist. with a std. type red blaster coil. Any ideas?

With the console gauges the back light bulb holders won't stay in place. The fuel gauge only reads 3/4 full when the tank is full and the oil pressure gauge is stuck at 20lbs.

The previously installed Moon hot rod style gauges all worked fine. I just could not read them at a glance. So I when back to stock.

So far I'm out $500 in labor.

Helpful hints would be much appreciated,


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I hope that $500 labor is in your pocket.
1)Theres filters for the tach.
2)The console gauge light sockets should have some sort of spring type clip around the socket that can be streched out. If not their broken or the wrong socket.
3) do a search for "fuel gauge" theres all sorts of tests you can run troubleshoot your way out of it. In fact troubleshoot your way out of all electrics.
4) Oil gauge sounds broken but move the needle to 0 and check the fittings they totally suck. They crimp and cut the line and dont tighten that great on both the engine and gauge side. I just had to do mine twice. It seemed if I kept it from cutting the line it leaked out of the fitting. But after you fool with it a while you'll see what it wants from you.
Good luck. Brad
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