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I am at the point were i am ready for the drivetrain in my car. The car will mostly be street and maybe a few runs at the track, i want some advise on what to use from carb to pan on a streetable 383 that will be reliable/run on pump gas and have a lopy idle and approx 425 to 475 hp. and still kick a little butt

I currently have a M-20 and 4.10 12 bolt in the car and will most likely be replacing the M-20 with a TKO 600 soon

from the numbers the motor in car appears to be a 1964 small journal 327, im not sure if it will be a good candidate for the 383 build

performer intake and mallory unilite dist with no vacuum adv on it

so any help on stroker kits?,pistons, cam,heads,intake,carb,dist etc...
im all ears.


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I would definatly look for a 4 bolt main 350 block, should be able to find one for $100.00

Here is the 383 stroker I just had built.

383 stroker
Eagle forged balanced rotating assembly
Edelbrock E-Tec 200 heads
Crane Gold roller rockers, 1.6 I, 1.5 E
Comp Cams Hyd. Roller 562 L., 248 D., 110 CL.
Edelbrock Vortec Air Gap Intake
MSD Pro Billet distributor, 6AL Ignition.
Holley 950HP carb (had a 830HP but gained +21hp with the 950)
10.50 compression

Hope this helps you.

Dan :thumbsup:
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