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I'm installing painless 18 circut in car now, which is going pretty
easy, I know everyone likes AAW better, should have read posts
before buying. My question is I want to keep my 69 classic
looking with console guages, but I am running a cs130 alternator
and I heard they are not recomended with amp meters, possible
fire hazard, also I think oil pressure guages need oil line to them.
Are the aftermarket pod type guages all electrical. Would rather
have a voltmeter than amp. I know this a long confusing question,
but seem to be stuck on whats the best setup. Any help would
be great, Thank,s

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You can run the autometer console bezel in the 68/69 console with no problems, it fits four 2 1/16 in gauges. You can buy the autometer bezel through most of the major vendors for about $40. I have been running all electric gauges for a few years and they are easier to deal with (especially with no oil line or cap tube for the temp gauge). There are people that will tell you the pros and cons of each but I think it is just personal preference.

BTW, I have a set of autometer ultralite (silver) gauges 3 3/8 speedo and Tach and all four 2 1/16 (oil, fuel, water temp and volt) (all electric) for sale if you are interested.
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