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Hey Guys,
I am looking to upgrade my current 10 bolt rear end and put in a posi carrier with 3.73's. I would like to know the answers to a few questions I am not sure of? I have a '69 camaro base car with the original 10 bolt rear end and need to know the following.

1) Was the camaro 10 bolt a 8.2" or 8.5"?
2) What gears are currently in the car? (I think 3.08's) axle code starts w/ PA and was told this means it has 3.08's from factory.
3) Number of Splines on axle?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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1. 8.2" sized......

2. I think there is a Nova site that lists all the info you are asking about so please try to find it. And it's been posted here too over time several times.

3. Maybe Freddie, (BGH), will pop in later to help you out

Sorry I'm not of more help..

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