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Need help Asap..Are these KB domed pistons??

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Well started my head change today..Took the heads off expecting to find a set of .30 over dome tops....But I don't think these are dome tops..I also notice that a magnet will not attract to the pistons..

So if someone could click on the link take a look at the picture and tell me what they think..Could they be KB .100 domes...The valve reliefs look deep...

Because I need to call the guy that misrepresented this engine..

Thank you

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They look like flat tops with some really big valve reliefs. Definetly not domed pistons. Domed pistons have a part that sticks up in the middle that would fill space inside the combustion chamber. You might want to CC the piston valve reliefs or the piston in the hole at TDC to be able to calculate your compression ratio.

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Absolutely NOT domed. Agree with Kent. These are just flat tops with a deep valve relief. What did the person you bought the engine from say they were?

Check out the KB site. They have drawings of the tops of all their pistons...

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looks like a KB 112 for use with a 6" rod. Flat top piston with a 10.4:1 compression ration with 62cc heads, 10.2 with 64cc heads. Adds 7cc of volume to the combustion chamber

weight 440g
Compression height 1.261
crank centerline to deck 9.025"
minimum clearance is .0015"

There is a light weight version of this as well, it weighs 5 gms less per piston all the other specs are the same.

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Whatever your name is,
They are definitely not domed, as everyone else has said. The main reason I wanted to post was to let you know that a magnet does not stick to aluminum, which is what most pistons are made out of.

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