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A couple years ago I had a '69 Z-28 hugger orange, 302 4sp, interior was pretty good (the only thing wrong was the driver's side seat had a rip going sideways along the pleat
456 rear posi with traction bars, had 100K on speedo rosewood steeering wheel cowl induction hood. It also had the little vacuum canisters that put oil on the back tires for burnouts, center console with gauges,8000 rpm tach in dash. Bodywise it had some bondo in the drivers side rear quarter and both inner rears needed replacement.I had it parked for 10 years in garage not knowing what to do with it (bodywork not my forte') So when some one came up inquiring about purchase
I (wish I knew about this forum much earlier)
put a value on it(without doing any research)
I sold body ( no engine or tranny) for $2500
Canadian. Did I give the guy a good deal?

p.s. the guy still tried to get me to sell it for less but I held firm.
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