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I have been working on a project car of mine. Its a 94 Z/28. I purchased it with no engine/trans. It was originally a LT1 & 6 speed Manual Car. I swapped in a 95 LT1 Police Interceptor 350 Engine and a World Class T5 5 Speed from a 90 Camaro Z/28. Problem is my speedometer does not work once this swap was all done.

After hours of research, I believe my problem is in the VSS Buffer. Come to find out, the T56 trans has a 17 flash per driveshaft revolution speedometer setup. The T5 and other Camaro's use a 4000 per mile flash speedometer setup. The speedo does not barely come off zero when cruising so there is something wrong.

Can I just swap the VSS Buffer from an automatic V6 or V8 Camaro or a T5 V6 car and will my speedometer work then? Or will I have to swap out the instrument cluster also if the speedo is calibrated wrong? Any input would help lots. I could get a Dakota Digital box and calibrate it, but I would like to stay with a factory setup. The car has stock tire size, stock rear end gears yet, so a normal Camaro VSS buffer maybe should work??

Also where is the VSS Buffer located on the 94 Z/28? Under dash somewhere, but where?


Nathan Persha
Mayville, WI

or you can email directly with answers to my direct email which is: [email protected]
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