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Hi all,
Well my 96 has a rod knocking, so I went out and bought a 99 (both with 3.8L engines). The 99 had several mods done and I'd like to ask a few questions about what might be intentional, or what might be broken.
1. High Beams: It seems like my daytime sensor and headlight turn switch work okay, but at night, all four headlights are always on. The high-beam turn-signal mounted switch does not work or even "click". The headlights appear to be adjusted down so as to not blind other drivers. Was this intentional? and any advice on the things to check (the headlight switch on the turn signal being obvious) is appreciated. (blinkers work fine)
2. Radio cuts out, usually just once. After starting the car for a few minutes, the aftermarket radio plays just fine, then cuts out for about a minute (seems completely dead), then seems to magically comes back on, and usually with no further troubles. Could this be a circuit breaker? The radio is bluetooth enabled so maybe that's pulling extra current?
3. Gauge lights. Several are out. Are these hard to replace?
4. Fog lights: The car has aftermarket fog lights, but doesn't use the car's original fog light wiring. Is this to prevent the car from throwing a code? It does use the car's interior dash switch.

Sorry for so many questions but hope we get a dialogue started on a few of these topics. I have done some searching so maybe the headlight issue is some sensor/pickup that has to be adjusted just so the lowbeams are on and the highbeams only come on which switched (which, I'm guessing won't happen until I replace my switch in the steering column).

Thanks! And yes I'll be getting a Haynes manual or better ASAP.

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