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I purchased a cowl vacuum actuator for my AC car from Rick's and it does not fit properly. The tab connected to the diaphragm that screws to the lever on the flapper door is roughly 90 degree's off when the actuator is installed on the bracket. Thus, there is no way to attach it. Further, the tab is shorter than the factory original unit.

Has anyone run into this problem before? Perhaps I just got a wrongly made part?

Here is the part I bought:

According to our manual the spring looks like it is not needed. The piece of paper that came in the package says"J-3279 68-72 Cvl & Nova Cowl Air A/C Vacuum Pod" and it is made by TWE. Err, "Made in Taiwan"!

Here is a picture of the whole unit from Camaro Central. Perhaps their unit will fit correctly. Has anyone used theirs?

Thanks for the help.
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