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Hi everyone, I just recently purchased a 1969 Indy pace car Z11 convertible.
I will try and post some pics.
Funny thing about this particular car is, I'm the 3rd and the 5th owner.
I sold my baby to one of my best friends 25 years ago and I just got it back.
When I sold it to him it was a near mint condition Pace car.
He had planned on putting it away for 25 years in what he called a time capsule. Planning on bringing it out then to sell it for a huge profit from what he bought it for.
The 3rd time he drove it somehow the positive battery post grounded out and fried the electrical system.
So instead of fixing it he stored it away.
From the very moment I sold it to him I had seller's remorse.
Being good friends we were in contact constantly during those 25 years.
During which time, every year I tried to buy that car back.
All he would do was give me the horse laugh.
I had no idea in 1993 that a mint condition 69 Indy pace car 396 4-speed car could actually bring in $100,000.
I sold him the car for chump change. Because in 1993 neither one of us knew what it was actually worth.
If you all remember. It was around the mid-90s when computers and the internet started to take off and become big.
It was at that time both of us without ever discussing the matter of worth became aware of the worth of the rare Jewel that I had sold him- thus the horse laugh all those years.
He stored it in the back of a semi truck trailer and covered it with cotton blankets.
It languished there for 25 years without anyone ever looking at it, if you can believe that?? My friend recently opened up the trailer to find that the trailer leaked rain and humidity. The hot and cold moist ever-changing conditions in my great state of Michigan caused moisture to constantly collect in the trailer and soak the cotton blankets.
That 25yrs of wet blankets actually peeled the paint off the car in many places.
But surprisingly left the body panels very solid.
To compound the moisture problems a Raccoon found its way into the trailer taking up permanent residence in the middle of the interior.
It totally destroyed the interior in more ways than one.
So instead of bringing out a rare and near mint condition big block four speed Indy Pace car.
He found a car in such poor condition most people would not buy.
My buddy said he dropped to his knees and cried when he saw the condition of the that beautiful car. So instead of making a big profit, being close friends he just sold me back my car for what he paid for it in 1993.
This car is in rough shape
I have written several posts on this site asking for answers to some electrical questions.
So if you can help me with that please contact me ASAP as I'm about ready to pull my hair out ; )
I will post some pictures now if I can.
Thanks everyone!
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