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Hi everyone,

I'm pretty active on other forums but I haven't been on a car forum for like 8 years! I have been racing and showing street bikes for many year and I always wanted a real American muscle car but, I can't even think about buying a 60 year old car for something I can't drive every day!

I jumped on this ban wagon and now exciting about where to get parts from and trick out my new ride! Does this forum do group buys? Do we get any special discounts on parts? I have only had mine for 7 full days and I'm dying to tear it apart and give my SS some boost!

Remember I'm used to 1000cc street bikes so speed is not what I'm looking for just something that is fun to drive and to give to my growing teenager when he gets old enough.

Feel free to respond. I'm also looking for a car club also if you know any in Socal... Thank you.

Nick Name - Kahuna

Name is Eddie

Hope to see some of you around...........

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Eddie welcome to the boards.......

It is customary to give all existing members a ride in your o10.........

I have seen some pretty neat stuff for the 2010 should be able to empty the car fund pretty fast.......

Lets see some pics of the new ride and some of the bikes too!
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