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Howdy Y'all! and greetings from the ATX.
I found a 1983 Z28 w/ 49k orig miles earlier this year.
I'm the 3rd owner of this clean, original 3rd gen.

I drive it every day and I am amassing my parts list for replacement and upgrades.
I fell in love with the F bodies way back when I first saw a 68 firebird.
I've also helped to restore a 79 Z28 for my buddy back home, black on black with t-tops, nice.

My first 'muscle car' was a 1970 Chevy Caprice, factory 454 with a/c I had bored, balanced and blueprinted to nearly 425hp and well over 500ftlbs. That car was original including the gold snowflake interior YIKES!
It was like driving your grandmothers living room around town.

Member of ATGO (www.AustinThirdGen.ORG)

I hope I can help someone out in here. I'm sure I'l be asking for ideas later.
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