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Hello all,
New here, long time car nut, first car was a 52 Ford. Ohio boy now in Texas. Now my 89 Camaro RS 305 TBI has a "sometime" wont start problem. Anybody know a good trouble shoot book, I have chilton and haynes for the year model, I think its something beyond fuel and spark, I have both. And sometimes it starts up just fine. It does show code 53, but the volts are 14.5.

Need some help, any good place to start on the forum?



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Welcome, Bill. Check sparking with a timing light. If injectors are spitting fuel, then I'd say dist reference is happening.
Base timing?
Base rpm?
TPS voltage setting?
These are the most important.

I would probably start checking power relays to various circuits. Car is 18 years old and if the relays have not been changed, these could be the problem.

I would probably set up a couple test lights inside the car and hook them to various places to see voltage. Then, check them off your list.

You also might check for an intermittent fusible link at the solenoid. Might even be a bad electrical portion of the ignition switch, or out of adjustment.
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