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ok I changed my rear end to a new Moser rear 12 bolt with 3:73.
I had a 3:08 rear in prior
so the speedo is off and havent gotten around to changing the speedo gears yet.
currently on the car I have P255/60/R15 T/As on weld draglites.
which is 27.1 inches tall
I need a bigger wider tire that will fit.
I also moved the lower shock mounts inboard the leaf springs to free up some more room.
So with the speed error not being an issue at this point what size tire can I squeeeze in the rear without it rubbing on the fender lip?
the P255/60/R15s are very limited to only a few mfg that make that size.
i was thinking
Section Width: 12.40 in 315 mm

Rim Diameter: 15 in 381 mm

Overall Diameter: 29.88 in 758.95 mm

Sidewall Height: 7.44 in 188.97 mm

Radius: 14.94 in 379.47 mm

Circumference: 93.87 in 2384.2 mm

Revs per Mile: 696.1

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I tryed to run 275/60/15's on mine, but the drivers side wheelwell is narrower than the passenger side by 1 3/8" from people I've talked to this not all that uncommon. This is on a convertible and is stock and never wrecked they fit but rubbed on the inner when turning a hard right, not a lot but I did not want any problems at all. I have a buddy that runs 275's but the rear is fairly high. Mine is lowered 2" and I run 255's, I would measure and if possible test fit the size your thinking about , I test fit but didn't drive... 315's pretty wide?????
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