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Just ordered a new tko-600 through Classic Motorsports group and had a few questions about additional parts that I will need.
I am converting from a th350 but I bought the 4speed to 5speed kit as I already have flywheel,clutch,pressure plate, and a lakewood bellhousing. I ordered a peddle assembly,and linkage kit along with clutch fork and pivit ball. I still need a throwout being but not sure witch one and the Hurst shifter that they sell but is back ordered till may. I tried to find one of these else where but am also needing to know witch one.
In looking at the install the shifter linkage and throwout bearing look to be the most difficult part. I am wodering if I should have went with a hydraulic clutch setup, looks very easy to install. Any where to find a complete parts list for converting from auto to manual?

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here mostly... tho it seems you got everything pretty much covered.
Manual clutch linkage is a LOT easier to setup that hydraulic.
Most Chevy's will use a short throwout bearing, but that depends on the clutch. Some, particularly Centerforce, specify a particular (thiers) bearing.

If you need a standard short, go to autozone, get the one that has BCA stamped on it.

Clutch fork is another where things get iffy. Many of the repro type forks are really for a second gen and don't fit, they hit the firewall. 'course, no one finds that out until the first time you step on the clutch, and it's a bear muscling that TKO out of there to change it.

Chevy still sells the correct fork. Many of the repro house ones are right, just as many are not. There are threads aplenty on this, search for "clutch fork"

The "stock" aftermarket Hurst stick for 68-69 Camaro's fits well, particularly if you have a console. Some just bolt them on, I drilled and tapped the tko stub for the correct 3/8" fine bolts (the tmetric threaded holes in the stub are somewhat smaller than the holes in the stick) I "think" the number is 4106, you can buy em at Summit or Jeggs.
Someone check me on that number?

I tried both the "tubular" and the "flat crossmember, liked the tubular WAY better.

Finally, our sponsors, classic chevy 5 speed took the time to write upo this series on how to do this, itsa great read.
Don't ask why it's stickied in electrical, just because I can mostly.
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