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Hello Camaro Fans!

What a great resource! I may be new to this venue, but have been a 1st Gen fan for years. Owned an X77 until 2001 when I sold it...made a pretty penny, but never got over her. So, just picked up an X33 RS. Needs some work, but that's what I love!

I'm looking for direction on exhaust systems. My last car did not have chambered or the traverse muffler. Just dual which ended over the axle behind the rear tires. Never paid any attention to hangers details. The new car only has headers with cherry bombs-which gotta go! My question is, where are the chassis points where hangers are attached for the chambered (leaning that way) or the traverse, or are they the same? I have one hanger with a rubber type grommet on the driver's side just in front of the gas tank on the inner side of the frame rail. I can see what look like threaded holes (two each) on the outsides of the L & R framerails (just behind the tire in the wheelwell). Also, in front of the axle, up high under the back seat(?) are also what appear ro be threaded holes.

I've got all the books and the drawing are hard to decipher (Chassis Manual, Camaro Resto Guide, Camaro Data books, etc).

Are there pictures on this site somewhere, or, would anyone be willing to share pics of their system? I'd love to see detailed photos before I make a decision.

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