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Newbee question 69 Camaro no power to Starter Solenoid purple wire
Hi everyone this is my first post.
I have a 1969 Camaro. The previous owner let the positive battery terminal touch ground and fried the negative cable bare.
The front harness does not power up the headlights but the right front turnsignal/hazzard light works.
I have power in and out of the Horn relay.
Even though I have power to my fusebox (I will try and attach pics). There is full power on the drivers side of the fusebox.
The center of the fusebox there is no power to the accessories prong.
On the passenger side of the fusebox I have no power at the heater, radio and wipers.
The wire harness is all original.
In the factory wire harness are there fusible links within the tape wraped wires that could be burnt?
I have no power to the starter solenoid purple wire or the orange blower motor that comes in through the front wire harness.
Can anyone help?

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Accessories have power when IGN switch is in ACC and IGN position.
You may need to pull fuses, check their integrity, and maybe squeeze the sockets together for the sockets in touching/contacting the fuses.
Purple wire at solenoid goes through neutral safety switch on shifter, if console shifter, or on top of column next to firewall if column shift.
If manual trans, depress clutch pedal in completing the circuit to starter.
Replacement battery cables should no less than 1 AWG and wire brush all contact points.
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