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Rebuilding a 327 and need some info on the oil pump. Is there a gasket between the pump and the block and what is the torque on the oil pump bolt. Thanks in advance for any help.


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First off - WELCOME to Team Camaro :hurray:

I think you'll like it here :thumbsup:

As to your question;
No - there is no gasket. The two parts are assembled machined face to face.
The bolt torque is 65 ftlbs.
Make sure all mating surfaces are clean and dry when mounting pump.
Make sure the threads on the bolt are clean and lightly lubed with engine oil before installing and torquing down.

If you have any other questions ask away - someone will chime-in pretty quick with an answer.

Hope this helps;

btw - if you would, post another thread in the 'Tag Team' section with the Cowl Tag and VIN info on your car so the CRG guys can record it for the data base.
CRG link - :beers:
And when you get a chance, go back and update your profile with you city & state location (I know it's Den. by your post now obviously) so others in your area can make contact if you'd like. We'll thrash anyone that bothers you with vacuum hose... :waving:
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