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I recently just completed a head change..Trick flow heads, TF roller rockers and TF Hardened pushrods..Problem or should I say question is..

I have adjusted the drivers side rockers 3 times already (Zero+ 1/4 turn Hydraulic cam Lunati [email protected] and 515 lift)...And even though I can't here anything while standing next to the engine while running..I do here a very faint click coming from the drivers side valve cover using my stesescope(SP????)..Could it have something to do with the headers being cut down and rewelded with a close bend(Clearance issues) on the driverside..There are NO header leaks on the drivers side....(I do have a collector leak on the passenger side)).....Thanks again

Restored 68 Camaro R/S 327 4 speed
Restored 55 chevy Belair
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